Uses of telemedicine essay

Telenursing refers to the utilization of communicative technology to provide remote nursing services. Consultations can be made over the phone to reach a diagnosis and monitor health conditions and symptoms. This is growing in favor due to the low cost and high accessibility of the services to patients, particularly for those in rural regions. It also has the potential to lessen the burden of patients in hospitals because it is possible to address minor ailments earlier and patients can receive advice about whether hospital admission is required.

In almost all of the early deployments of telemedicine, the telemedicine projects were large undertakings requiring considerable staff and organizational changes. The telemedicine implementations used custom hardware and software equipment, often specifically created for the specific use case. The equipment was bulky and required specially trained personnel to use. This means the average patient did not directly interact with telemedicine technologies. Instead, a telepresenter handled the equipment and interacted with the patient. Due to the advancement of technology and other factors, few early projects survived longer than 20 years in their original forms.

Uses of telemedicine essay

uses of telemedicine essay


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