Uses and abuses of leisures essay








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Mobile phones have revolutionized the life of human beings for many years. They have become widespread all over the world. This revolution in the communication aspect replaced letter-writing by providing ease to the humanity in terms of communication among the people. Besides that, mobile phones also play an anti-social part in humanity. It depends on how it is being used. In short, we can say that mobile phones have their uses and misuses which entirely depend upon the user.


Mobile phones have variety of advantages. They are easily portable from place to place. People use mobile phones to send messages whether these messages are in the form of texts, photos or voice. People also send e-mails via their phones. They do not have to use computers for e-mails anymore. People also use GPS system in their mobile phones, use internet to browse things and update themselves by getting news on their mobile phones.

Most of the people use mobile phones for the purpose of entertainment too. They play games, listen to songs and watch movies. Many use it to perform different calculations too. The popularity of mobile phones is increasing at a large scale. Many companies are providing communication services at affordable rates. The world has become a global village with the introduction of mobile phones in it as we can communicate with anyone at a vast distance within a really short period of time day. Therefore, people are getting manifold benefits with mobile phone technology.


On the other hand, there are some drawbacks of mobile phones too. The young generation is greatly influenced by the evilness of mobile phones. Youngsters are using mobile phones a lot. They are now indulged in listening to songs, sending vulgar messages and watching pornographic movies. Sometimes, people talk on their mobile phones for a long time which is health hazardous. Scientists believe that mobile phones cause brain tumors, genetic damage, and many other harmful diseases. Doctors believe that if someone talks on mobile phone for more than two minutes, his/her blood brain barrier gets damaged. Also, blood pressure gets high and his/her red blood cells also get damaged.


From the above discussion, it is crystal clear that mobile phones have both pros and cons. In spite of their disadvantages, we cannot deny their necessity in our lives; as mobile phones play a significant role without which, our communication would become difficult and complicated.


Uses and abuses of leisures essay

uses and abuses of leisures essay


uses and abuses of leisures essayuses and abuses of leisures essayuses and abuses of leisures essayuses and abuses of leisures essay