The grateful dead essays

Yes I have checked my Credit card statement. I was billed $240 (round figures inc postage). Then I was given the $20 refund that you mention. Now I have been given what customer services call a full refund - another $180. So yes, there are 2 credits but they do not include the postage to UK.
However my public rant seems to have had an effect - I have had an e mail from the good Doctor apologising for the problems and says the box will be sent within 10-14 days. He also said he intends to tackle customer services over some of their comments which he does not understand.
I may be wrong, but I think if you look at the S'90 link it no longer says the set is on temporary hold. This has occurred in the last couple of hours or so, but check for yourself in case I am mistaken.

Today I lost what will most likely be the most talented musician I will ever have known my whole life – since I was seventeen. Even though Brett Neils was more of a Prog Rock music fan – Genesis was probably his most favorite band (when Peter was still lead singer and collaborater), the only thing I wanted to listen to tonight was Jerry and Bob. The more I ponder why a life so young gave up so soon, is simply due to the fact that two things were missing from Brett’s life that these boys had: a strong independent spirit that wasn’t afraid to take their music on the road, and the brothers in arms to give him the courage, talent and community he needed when the opportunities did arise. Rest in Peace, Brett; tonight let the big boys carry you home.

The grateful dead essays

the grateful dead essays


the grateful dead essaysthe grateful dead essaysthe grateful dead essaysthe grateful dead essays