Technology making us lazy essay

Sometimes kids have no choice to leave their hometowns for an education. It’s no secret that some colleges are far better than others. I’m 51 and although I love my kids very much, I would like to see them out on their own ASAP. I believe that parents should not have to support adult kids, especially when they’ve received all the emotional and financial support that their peers may never receive. Why keep working just to pay the extra cost of insurance, taxes, utilities and all the repairs of owning a house just so the kids can stay at home. I could buy a condo and cut my expenses in half. Like most people my age, my job is stressful and I want to retire in the near future. It’s very difficult to retire when adult kids are still living at home eating and using utilities. For 20 years it’s been all about the kids. When does it become all about the parents?

Technology has made life so convenient for us that it’s almost scary to think of what would happen if we had to go without our favorite gadget for an extended period of time. I get the feeling that we’regetting closer and closer to the day when people won’t even be able to read paper maps anymore. There are already a good deal of young adults that have no idea how to navigate through their own cities without using a have all Googled something that we were completely embarrassed we didn’t know the answer to. According to Google, “How to tie a tie” gets over 500,000 searches a month. For some reason, over 1,000 people are searching “how to boil water” and “how to boil eggs” gets over 40,000 searches per month. Google has made the process of learning how to do things extremely easy. There was once a time when if you didn’t know how to do something, you had to either know someone that knew how to do it or try to figure it out and mess up until you got it right. Not anymore. A quick search on Google will bring up instructional YouTube videos, blog posts, and PDF’s that show you how to do anything. In the . it is very obvious what all these electronic toys are doing to the kids. Pre teens so fat they get out of breath just walking 50 feet to the mailbox. They make no effort whatever to exercise anything but their thumbs. By playing video games at home kids playing outdoors games like soccer volleyball and other games that are ment for outdoors. Kids could get lazer and lazier and lazier day by day.

Technology making us lazy essay

technology making us lazy essay


technology making us lazy essaytechnology making us lazy essaytechnology making us lazy essaytechnology making us lazy essay