Sponsorship advantages disadvantages essay

Complimentary Publications

State of Health Care Quality Report : The most thorough analysis and interpretation of major performance trends in health care over the past year. The report looks at clinical quality and member satisfaction information based on HEDIS and CAHPS® data submitted by hundreds of health plans across the country. Included within the report are national and regional performance averages and measure benchmarks that will include MTM related measures.

NCQA Annual Report: Offering an analysis of the health care system and the role quality plays in improving health care, this unique document helps identify and clarify NCQA’s strategic goals and assesses how they relate to the current health care environment.

Veihmeyer knows firsthand how important sponsorship can be. “I had sponsors put me forward for opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have happened,” he says. “That clearly helped accelerate my career. We’ve been more intentional, in the last few years, in transforming the firm from a diversity standpoint. I’ve asked every member of my management committee and my board to have at least two high-potential diverse individuals that they will not just mentor, but sponsor. We now have four women partners on our board of directors, compared to three or four years ago, when it was just one. I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made, but I’m also really impatient.”

Sponsorship advantages disadvantages essay

sponsorship advantages disadvantages essay


sponsorship advantages disadvantages essaysponsorship advantages disadvantages essaysponsorship advantages disadvantages essaysponsorship advantages disadvantages essay