Simon as a christ figure essay

Simon the Leper is also sometimes identified as the same person as Lazarus of Bethany, or identified as his father or brother [ citation needed ] . This is because Matthew and Mark mention Simon, while John mentions Lazarus, but all four gospels assume one lodging at Bethany during the last week. Abbé Drioux identified all three as one: Lazarus of Bethany, Simon the Leper of Bethany, and the Lazarus of the parable, on the basis that in the parable Lazarus is depicted as a leper, and due to a perceived coincidence between Luke 16:30 and John 12:10 —where after the raising of Lazarus, Caiaphas and Annas tried to have him killed. [4]

8. The sorcerer of Samaria; often called Simon Magus, that is, the Magician. See SORCERER . This artful impostor, by the aid of some knowledge of philosophy, medicine, physics, and astronomy, acquired an ascendancy over the people of Samaria. But the preaching and miracles of Philip brought great numbers to Christ, and convinced even Simon that a real and great power attended the gospel. He coveted these spiritual gifts of the apostles for selfish end, and sought them by joining the church and afterwards offering to purchase them with money. Peter took the occasion to expose his hypocrisy by a terrible denunciation, Acts 8:9-24 . There are various doubtful traditions as to his subsequent course. The sin of trafficking in spiritual things, called Simony after him, was more odious to Peter than to many whom claimed to be his especial followers.

In The Lord of the Flies it was Simon, alone, who possessed the truth about the beast. The other children misunderstand Simon just like Christ was misunderstood in the Bible. The other boys believed Simon was crazy, but he was the only one to discover the truth about the beast. Simon was the Savior of the other boys but they did not know it. Simon was murdered, like Jesus Christ, while trying to deliver the spiritual truths about the beast. After the boys killed him, Simon was washed out to sea with glowing fish around his head, signifying a halo. The truth of Simon's message may not have occurred to the children until after they murdered him and by then he would be martyred like a prophet and a saint that he represented.

Simon as a christ figure essay

simon as a christ figure essay


simon as a christ figure essaysimon as a christ figure essaysimon as a christ figure essaysimon as a christ figure essay