Short editorial essay examples

The longer I am out of the service, the more I recognize my draw to and longing for the culture of "Semper Fidelis." I suspect that reading this will impart nothing significant to Marines, as they already are aware of their glorious charge. It is my earnest hope, however, that it may help others understand the reason Marines hold the Corps in such high esteem. All those references by former Marines, in their new jobs, to "back when I was in The Corps," will begin to make a little more sense. Marines are imbued with Semper Fidelis, and all it means, and because they lived it for so long, they have difficulty accepting any less from others.

Future New means on the cutting edge of creative practice. Work submitted to this category should address the issues and concerns of our time through conceptual, social, or political content. Work can be executed as—but is not limited to—installation art, performance art*, interactive text, sound art, re-purposed materials, or new and applied technologies. Along with the work, the student must submit a written statement that describes in detail the processes used to create the work and/or relevant content that situates the work as innovative. A Future New work must be both thought-provoking and reflect creative excellence.

Short editorial essay examples

short editorial essay examples


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