Prostitution research paper topics

It is undeniable, of course, that prostitution takes place in and around the environs of each year’s Super Bowl, and that some of that activity tragically involves coerced sex trafficking of minors and women, but on a scale of “zero” to “legions” (., 10,000 and upwards), the numbers reflected in news accounts are far, far closer to the low end of that spectrum. Typically, the number of persons reportedly interdicted for sex trafficking-related crimes in FBI Super Bowl operations (even though those operations may encompass several states over a two-week period, as they did in 2014) falls in the dozens rather than the thousands, and those numbers don’t factor out the locals who took advantage of a major event occurring in their neighborhood rather than “importing” victims to the area:

Street prostitution is more prevalent in run-down neighborhoods. Those that are populated heavily by unattached males are more vulnerable to street prostitution than those with a lot of women, families, or elderly residents, because the likelihood of vocal community opposition is lower. For street prostitution to thrive, the surrounding neighborhood cannot be too crime-ridden or appear too threatening to potential clients. Consequently, it is often found in areas that are marginal or in transition, rather than in thoroughly blighted areas. However, the emergence of street prostitution will almost certainly speed up decline. Neighborhood redevelopment or gentrification frequently prompts strong community opposition to street prostitution, and clearly drives much of the pressure on the police to control it.

Prostitution research paper topics

prostitution research paper topics


prostitution research paper topicsprostitution research paper topicsprostitution research paper topicsprostitution research paper topics