Procedural essay examples for kids

Performance assessments should involve meaningful, authentic, and engaging tasks.  Such tasks "are better suited to assess more complex concepts and 21st century skills, such as mathematical reasoning, scientific investigations, issues analysis, creative problem solving, oral communications, and technology applications"  and should  "include both content specific and interdisciplinary performances."  Teachers should implement them " as part of the curriculum at designated time periods during the school year" (McTighe & Wiggins, 2011, p. 17). 

This function has a number of problems. The function has two side-effects: it modifies the contents of its second parameter, and it prints a selection of the results it has computed. The function would be easier to understand and to reuse elsewhere if we initialize the FreqDist() object inside the function (in the same place it is populated), and if we moved the selection and display of results to the calling program. Given that its task is to identify frequent words, it should probably just return a list, not the whole frequency distribution. In we refactor this function, and simplify its interface by dropping the freqdist parameter.

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Procedural essay examples for kids

procedural essay examples for kids


procedural essay examples for kidsprocedural essay examples for kidsprocedural essay examples for kidsprocedural essay examples for kids