Problems of working women essay

To effectively begin negotiation, individuals in conflict must separate the problem from the person. They must also agree to temporarily suspend judgment on who is right and who is wrong. This allows people to set aside distractions and anger and to enter into direct dialogue and negotiation.

Setting these distractions aside requires awareness and participation on the part of everyone involved. Preparing to negotiate, also called framing the problem, sets the stage for constructive negotiation.

Listed below are seven strategies for framing problems (22):

While there is some controversy, many endocrinologists will treat such patients, especially if they have a high cholesterol blood level. The abnormal cholesterol profile will likely show improvement with thyroid hormone replacement. If the cholesterol levels are normal, and the patient feels well, it is also reasonable to follow these patients without treatment and repeat the blood TSH and thyroid hormone levels in 4 to 6 months to see if more significant hypothyroidism is apparent. Both of these approaches are reasonable and patients should be encouraged to speak with their physicians about specific concerns and preferences.

Problems of working women essay

problems of working women essay


problems of working women essayproblems of working women essayproblems of working women essayproblems of working women essay