Osinga boyd thesis

Disinfo warning (via Bloomberg ) The former deputy commander of the Department for Active Measures and Disinformation in the Soviet-directed Czechoslovak intelligence service (now a university prof in the US) on fake news.  "To create the kind of disinformation that changes the world , he told me, you need a story that’s at least 60, 70 or even 80 percent true."  

My take:  We complain about disinformation today, but we've been embracing establishment disinfo for decades... from WMDs to a blameless financial crisis.   We accepted it when we were told that transferring a trillion dollars a year in manufacturing to China wouldn't hurt us economically or when we're told America is moving ahead economically when we haven't seen an increase in media n income for 40 years (outside of the DC area) or that nation building in Afghanistan is the way forward when there is no chance of it ever working.

Osinga boyd thesis

osinga boyd thesis


osinga boyd thesisosinga boyd thesis