Harvard law school optional essays

“Harvard Law School will be fortunate to have at the helm such an outstanding person whose scholarship, teaching, public service, and devotion to justice and the rule of law exemplify the School’s highest aspirations,” Minow said. “John Manning’s generosity of spirit, his superb judgment and integrity, his commitment to respectful and vigorous consideration of all points of view, and his longstanding contributions to strengthening community illuminate our crucial values, and I look forward to the splendid next chapter for this exceptional School.”

MINOW: Hannah Arendt, the great political philosopher, had the view that genocide was unforgivable. It’s a persuasive case. It’s interesting that in this country we have no statute of limitations, no limit on the time period that you can be prosecuted for murder, and that’s basically saying, “We take this as an unusual crime.” Now does that mean that no murder can ever be forgiven? I don’t know. It’s a very interesting question. I’m fascinated by the movement organized by family members who have lost relatives to murder who seek forgiveness, who seek to stop the death penalty. I find that fascinating and hard to imagine that I could be capable of that kind of generosity. I hope to think more and learn more.

As far as succeeding in law school, the most important thing is to dive right in! Three years can fly by, so immerse yourself and take advantage of as many opportunities as you can. It’s an amazing time in your life as you figure out how to use your law degree to pursue your passion. Also, treat the first day of law school as the first day of your career. Your classmates and professors will be your professional colleagues in a few years, so reach out and get to know them. And lastly, surround yourself with good people – whether they are family, friends, mentors, professors, or classmates – who will support you as you embark on your career. Good advice is invaluable, so make every effort to seek it out!

Harvard law school optional essays

harvard law school optional essays


harvard law school optional essaysharvard law school optional essaysharvard law school optional essaysharvard law school optional essays