Essays on harry potter series

Watching Boston’s stars lock onto the snitch was compelling, but for my money the game’s most intriguing subplot was on the right wing, where there was a turf battle underway between Boston’s wingers and a New York chaser named, of all things, Molly Potter. (According to the Harry Potter wiki, Harry’s wife, Ginny, is sometimes referred to as Molly and indeed was a professional quidditch player.) I had met Potter at a Titans’ practice a few weeks before. She had only recently graduated from NYU, where she starred for the university’s premier quidditch club, and been called up to the Titans for her first stint in the MLQ. She’d told me, with obvious displeasure, that she wasn’t really much of a Harry Potter fan, and yes, having that name on the back of your jersey during a top-flight quidditch match was about as annoying as you might expect. Under the lights at Brooklyn Bridge Park, I found myself wondering whether any fans or passers-by might start up a Potter chant—a magic spell, or possibly a Gryffindor song—or if anyone on the Boston squad would try to get in her head with a well-aimed taunt. As it turns out, nobody thought of it, or possibly nobody dared. Potter is about 5’6”, dirty blonde, and fresh-faced, but carries herself with a quiet ferocity. On the field, she’s a bruiser.

Harry Potter has truly influenced the literate world by bringing people of all ages back to reading. He has garnered much attention by expanding people's imaginations in print and film, bringing a world to life. He also tells a good story using a variety of elements to capture a wide range of interests. Publishers, teachers and even authors have capitalized on the teen wizard, to encourage increasing literacy and enjoyment of reading, whether in the classroom through literature circles, in bookstores with the variety of new books available or when creating new stories, regardless of the genre. Harry Potter is a phenomenon to education and reading.

Essays on harry potter series

essays on harry potter series


essays on harry potter seriesessays on harry potter seriesessays on harry potter seriesessays on harry potter series