Essay wedding day

The hope for "Monsoon Wedding" is that those who like it will drag their friends into the theater. There's such an unreasonable prejudice in this country against any film that is not exactly like every other film. People cheerfully attend assembly-line junk but are wary of movies that might give them new experiences or take them new places. "Monsoon Wedding," which won the Golden Lion as the best film at Venice 2001, is the kind of film where you meet characters you have never been within 10,000 miles of, and feel like you know them at once.

Personal essay is one of the richest, most vibrant and rage literary forms. As it gives you an opportunity to exceed the limits of the standard essay, to utilize conversational tone, dialogues, settings and characterizations. Before writing your work you should try to plunge into you inner world, get to know yourself from the inside and gain the understanding of the self. Writing your personal essay intends to vent your thoughts, ideas, interests to the others and lets you drive toward candor, self-disclosure, honesty with yourself. After such a revelation with yourself you'll be surprised by the quantity of positive sides you've got.

As far as I remember we had been selecting things for the wedding for ten days. Then we started the actual preparation with packing of the gifts that goes from the bride’s family to the groom. This is gift is called ‘tatta’. These gifts are not sent just like that. They are actually placed on trays and decorated with paper flowers and thermocol balls and packed with coloured papers. These gifts are given when the bride goes to live with her husband. I was in charge of properly packing and decorating the gifts along with my younger brothers and sisters. Suddenly I was having this feeling of being so important and I started dominating the others.

Essay wedding day

essay wedding day


essay wedding dayessay wedding dayessay wedding dayessay wedding day