Essay on the autonomic nervous system

The adrenal medulla is GIGANTIC.  It’s the largest sympathetic ganglia.  The cells are made of modified neurons that have short axons and no nerve processes.  The adrenal cortex is an endocrine organ and the outer layer is the adrenal cortex while the inner layer is the medulla.  When stimulated by preganglionic sympathetic fibers from T8-L1, they secrete large quantities of the excitatory hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine (adrenaline) into nearby capillaries.  When these two hormones are released in the blood they amplify all of this fight or flight stuff to give you more energy.

Science is said to be a theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge of the natural world. The knowledge is said to be obtained by use of research findings through observations, explanation, and experimentation of the actual phenomena. Given that scientific researches insist on objective knowledge, it has improved the recent researches on the concept of stress, and has done much in improving the history of stress. The scientific advancements are considered to be very crucial and it considers earlier researches as being "pre-scientific." it has therefore brought about many changes in the history of stress by forcing the current researchers on the topic of stress, to come up with what they call scientific and up to date research findings on stress. Social advancements have also depicted a major impact on the history of stress. The last 20 years have registered significant changes in the structure of the society. This is because of the demographic developments, technological advancements, and socio-economic changes. These in turn have affected our family structures, social networks, and our working patterns. These changes have been said to have increased the levels of stress and the causes of stress as well. This has therefore raised a new challenge of addressing the structural changes and how they affect the life of a human being. This is because in the early history of stress, such issues as society structures and technological advancements were not considered (Aldwin, ., ed., 1993, ).

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Essay on the autonomic nervous system

essay on the autonomic nervous system


essay on the autonomic nervous systemessay on the autonomic nervous systemessay on the autonomic nervous systemessay on the autonomic nervous system