Essay on shopping habits

I was very competitive with my siblings about reading and wanted to read everything my sister (who is 8 years older than me) read rather than “age-appropriate” books. Therefore I skipped over things like “5 Children and It” and “Treasure Island”, etc. So recently I’ve started reading them and discovered “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett who is a very interesting woman and it’s a wonderful read. The way she describes the excitement and therapeutic value of getting things to grow is just spot on and struck a strong chord with me at the moment.

Back in Italy, the Milan collection hangs from racks on all three sides of the room. It's like Indiana Jones finally finding the Holy Grail, even though it was only three days ago that I bought the pony-hair jacket. But I am trying to be logical and systematic, resisting impulse, carefully going down each row to get a sense of what I might like. I see a black leather biker jacket I know I must have, even though I already own roughly fifteen jackets of similar style. But the leather is unlike any I have ever touched—and trust me, I have touched a lot—butter rich, with that irresistible gleam that can light up any night.

Essay on shopping habits

essay on shopping habits


essay on shopping habitsessay on shopping habitsessay on shopping habitsessay on shopping habits