Aulus persius flaccus essay

Christianity more than Fraud
Christianity more than fraud, it is crime against humanity. Jesus was a son of god, that is a Roman god….He was the son of a Jewish ( Hexos) whore named Cleopatra that ruled Egypt on behalf of Amen-Marduk, a leftover extraterrestial from Nibiru. When Hexos rulers (later in the Sinai became the Jews) escaped the mob of rebelling Egyptian who backed Rome to save them from the oppressed rule, Cleopatra committed suicide and her eldest son was smuggled to India and Nepal, he came back to Egypt when he was 30 and found his mission in Palestine to regain what he think it is his rightful kingdom, stolen by the Romans. So with the help of maily Syrians, who needed to weken Rome power in Syria, they promoted him and facked the whole Christianity and Bible thing up. It was Syrians who inserted the well known reference in Josephus about Jesus, a well know fraud. Basically Amen used this Hexos thug Jesus to cease power, which he now finally managed to do. The whole thing was a scam to conquer Rome and ended up for control of earth under the New World Order. You can watch the 23 parts of Secret rulers of the world on Utube and learn all about this Evil Christianity scam.

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Aulus persius flaccus essay

aulus persius flaccus essay


aulus persius flaccus essayaulus persius flaccus essayaulus persius flaccus essayaulus persius flaccus essay