Acid essay rain

The second point in support of tree plantation pertains to the role of trees in keeping the pollution levels within a city under control. To expand on, the extent to which air pollution has becomes a cause of concern in urban dwellings is highlighted by the ever increasing number of people migrating to countrysides for fresh air. This is an extreme step, I believe, which can easily be avoided, as the natural mechanism within a tree to absorb toxic gases, and to convert them into oxygen presents itself as a feasible alternative remedial measure. Trees can thus be of immense importance in urban landscapes.

With the separation completed, purification of each compound was then carried out. The purification of acetanilide was accomplished by treatment with anhydrous magnesium sulfate followed by gravity filtration into a round bottom flask. The magnesium sulfate allowed for a removal of any remaining water drawn in from the separation process. The remaining dichloromethane was evaporated in a warm bath using a rotary evaporator. The remaining crystals represented the purified product and were kept in the flask for further air drying. For the benzoate salt in solution, concentrated HCl was added to give the desired product of benzoic acid. Precipitation of the benzoic acid was observed. In order to ensure acidity, a litmus test was administered and showed positive. To obtain the purified crystals, vacuum filtration was used and care was taken to ensure that the filter paper was wet in order to seal the holes well. The crystals were collected and stored in the Buchner funnel for further air drying. Both products were allowed to air dry for one week, thereupon the characterizations of each were analyzed using an analytical balance for weight and a 120Vac digital melting point apparatus for MP. The MP apparatus was tested against a known substance for accuracy determination.

Acid essay rain

acid essay rain


acid essay rainacid essay rainacid essay rainacid essay rain